Thursday, 11 February 2010

From OZ and Back

Well this is it, the return journey...well the start of it anyway. Left Melbourne on 9th February 2010 after spending almost 7 months there. It had its fun bits and its tough bits, but least we had xmas on the beach, found a job and made some ace mates.

Never forget cooks cottage and the whitsundays and marks beach house at lorne....i mean fairhaven!

Anyway i'm writing this in Bali! Oh yeh, its blooomin hot, very humid and sticky. Theres a bit of a sea breeze. Ended up getting a beach view bungalow but it is really really pricey considereing you can usually get accomodation for about 3 quid a night. this is costing us 20quid! hmmm. Also theres no beach here, apparently they blew up the reef so all the sand was washed away. Cool [place though, lots of hindu influence. Probably heading to Ubud tomorrow...will upload pics soon.

Back on the road again!!!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mud glorious Mud!! Bit hot though!!

These are a few pics, look at the landscape!! also check out scottie! and the cool poster enticing kiwis to fight in ww1!!


WAHEEYYYY what a reverse culture shock!!! In New Zealand EVERYONE understands us and the Queen is on the coins!!!! ha ha The people are also really really freindly!!!! First stop was Auckland which was a nice place, the suburb we were in was a bit posh but really cool. So the first day we went to the new zealand museum which was great and had lots of maori stuff and lots on the wars which seem to have forged both new zealand and oz. The next day we decided to hire a van...called scottie!!! yeh!!! so off we set to explore North Island, such a cool place where everywhere that you look looks like lord of the rings!!
First stop Waitamo caves where we saw some amazing caves and glow worms, next we headed to Taupo but because it was getting cold we decided to tailor our stops to where there were hot springs so for this night and the next we stayed near taupo and rotorua near hot springs, really great, it was cold outside but in the hot baths it was brilliant! We also had a mud bath! Which i can still smell on my towel now!!


Well Mendoza was okay nice tree lined town with lots of references to wine. But alas suze was ill again so it was a bit dodgy with doing anything really. We also suspected that the andes to chile might be closed and we were to fly out in 2 days so had to book a flight over the mountains. It took just 45 mins, straight up and down with lots and lots of bumps on the way which was a bit scary! But then we were in the second major city of the trip! Santiago de chile!!! It was pretty cool, big place but very modernist in its design which spoiled lots of it! he he. On our last day we went into the national library and i complelety confused this guy who just didnt understand why i was in the national library of chile when i didnt speak any spanish....i tried to tell him it was because of the building (see above) but he still couldnt grasp it. Anyway Next stop NEW ZEALAND and was have to say goodbye to South America. its been a long arduous journey but what an adventure! I must say that i was looking forward to new zealand largely so i wouldnt have to be so bothered about getting mugged but the reality is that we never saw any crime in south america. Had some dodgy scenarios but nothing, i saw more crime last year in barcelona than here.
Anyway we got our night flight and headed off to our next continent....